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The 1st School of Economics and Management

ISEG's history dates back to the Aula do Comércio, created in 1759 with the aim of training staff for tasks of a technical nature in commercial activities.
After several transformations during the 19th century it became an autonomous school in 1911, with the designation of Instituto Superior de Comércio. Then in 1930 it was integrated into the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, as Instituto Superior de Ciências Económicas e Financeiras, ISCEF.
It is the founding school of university education in Portugal in the areas of Economics, Finance and Business.
In 1989, the name Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão was adopted, the current ISEG Lisbon School of Economics and Management.
In 2013, the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa was integrated into the Universidade de Lisboa, the largest university in Portugal, to which ISEG now belongs.

111 years of educating leaders of thought and action, distinguished Alumni in a “School of Firsts”

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