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May 23, 2022
ISEG day

May 23, 2022 will be a day that will go down in the history of ISEG, there were several people who came together to celebrate these 111 years of history of the oldest school of economics and management in the country.

Many illustrious figures honoured us with their presence on our anniversary day, including the case of the former President of the Assembly of the Republic, Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues and Manuela Ferreira Leite, the former Minister of State and Finance and an ISEG Alumna (1963).


Our important allies from the country’s military and security forces also marked their presence at the celebrations once again, with whom ISEG maintains a very special relationship in several courses. Among those present at the session were Major Eduardo Mendes from the GNR, and Major General Rui Freitas and Colonel Luís Peçanha from the Air Force Academy.


Once the guests and been welcomed and seated and the audience was all present, it was time to officially open the 111th anniversary ceremony with an addrress by the Dean of ISEG, Clara Raposo.

Sessão Comemorativa

Book Presentation and Exhibition of 111 

After the opening address, it was the turn of Eduardo Catroga to take the stage to present the new and updated book on our School in his capacity as the Chair of ISEG's 111th anniversary committee. ISEG’s 111th Anniversary Book coordinated by Professor Nuno Valério.


Don't miss the exhibition on ISEG's 111 years in the lobby of the Francisco Pereira de Moura Library.
This exhibition contains varied documentation on the predecessor schools but in particular on the history of ISEG in its different phases.

Message from the Minister of Finance

Although unable to attend on account of his agenda, Portugal’s the current Minister of Finance,Fernando Medina, took the step to send a video message on this special day to mark the 111th anniversary of what is also his School (ISEG Alumnus, 2002).

Ministro das Finanças

Launch of ISEG's 111th Anniversary Special Coin

Mário Centeno, the Governor of the Bank of Portugal, and Alcides Gama, a Director of the National Publishing House and Mint (INCM) took the stage for the launch of the ISEG’s 111th anniversary commemorative coin.


To purchase this special coin, which "reflects the shift from the corporate and traditional trade education model to the modern school model", simply access this link.

The Central Bank Digital Currency 

Moving from a special and unique physical currency, a leap forward was made to the reality of what is to come. Vítor Constâncio, Chair ISEG’s School Board and an ISEG Alumnus, 1965, took the opportunity to look to the future and explained why the creation of a central bank digital currency is being considered.

A Moda Digial

Postcard "ISEG 111 years"

After Vítor Constâncio's excellent talk on digital currencies, it was the turn of Guy Pacheco, a director of CTT - Correios de Portugal, to take the stage and present the "ISEG 111th Anniversary" commemorative postcard.


Clara Raposo was also called to stamp and register the moment for posterity

Future Leaders Agenda

During the celebrations, there was also space for a very interesting Round Table debate on the topic of the "Future Leaders Agenda", when the path to follow in the future was discussed by business leaders.


Nicolau Santos (Chair of the Board of Directors of RTP and an ISEG Alumnus, 1980) moderated a panel composed of Pedro Castro e Almeida (CEO of Santander and an ISEG Alumnus, 1990), Madalena Tomé (CEO of SIBS and an ISEG Alumna, 2000), Ana Figueiredo (CEO of Altice and an ISEG Alumna, 1996), and Paulo Macedo (CEO of CGD e ISEG Alumnus, 1986).

Arraial & Concerto with The Lucky Duckies

When the end of the afternoon came and the Commemorative Session was over, it was time to go to Parque Quelhas to enjoy the ISEG Arraial Street Party as the vintage swing & rock'n'roll of The Lucky Duckies entertained the crowd – naturally with their famous single "Viva A Cerveja"!


Whether by just relaxing in a group chat or simply enjoying the fantastic surroundings, the reality is that the day was always about mood. After all, it was a day of celebration!


In between, many took the opportunity to satisfy their hunger and fill their stomachs, or opted to go to the bar for a refreshing and tasty drink!

Concert with the eternal Rui Veloso 

With the Arraial Street Party and The Lucky Duckies' show over and well into the night, it was now time to return to the Pátio das Francesinhas and give the stage to the enormous repertoire of Rui Veloso. There was no lack of classics or the audience singing along – which was already asking the musician to jump up and down before he had even started singing …

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