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A school with a lot of history.

Together we celebrate ISEG.


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Rua do Quelhas, nº 6
1200-781 Lisbon, Portugal


Opening hours
Monday to Friday
9:30 am – 7:30 pm


+351 213 925 800


We are the first school of economics and management in Portugal, with 111 years of accumulated knowledge, which does not prevent us from being a young, modern institution attentive to current realities.


A school of firsts.

Clara Raposo
Dean of ISEG


ISEG's 111th anniversary celebrations are not just about celebrating their anniversary. It will be a year of activities in the most diverse areas of activity of ISEG: Scientific, Educational, Cultural, Recreational, Sports.

See the program of activities below.

March 2022
Launch of the Celebrations
April 2022
Student Party “Gordão”

Launch of the CD 25 Years Tuna Económicas

“Tunas” Music Festival X Tunan´TE
May 2022
ISEG Day Celebration

Launch of the Book “ISEG 111 Years”

Exhibition “ISEG 111 Years of History”

Launch of the Official Coin “ISEG 111 Years”, INCM

Launch of the Official Seal “ISEG 111 Years”, CTT

Concert by Rui Veloso live at ISEG

ISEG camp

Painting Exhibition, Anabela Mota

Sports Event “Ribeiro Santos Cup”
June 2022
ISEG at Rock in Rio Academy
September 2022
Welcome New Students

Start of the Strategic Leadership Program, with Columbia Business School, our ally in NY in Executive Training
Outubro 2022
Alumni Day Celebration

AEISEG Solidarity Race

Painting Exhibition, Rui Paiva
November 2022
Alumni Económicas Solidarity Dinner
Exhibition – Conference “Value - discussion about the value of visible
and invisible things”, Faculdade de Belas Artes & ISEG
March 2023
Launch of the Book “111 Years of Life at ISEG: Stories
inside the History. Emotions, Episodes of the Life in Quelhas”
April 2023
Launch of the Book “111 Years ISEG: Where has the Portuguese Economy gone and where is it going?”
May 2023
Closure of the Celebration of the 111 Years
* Program on regular
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